Distance Education Instruction

This institution’s policy on attendance is based on the premise that regular communication between the teacher and the student and, also, among students themselves, has significant value in the learning process.

To assure this timely communication, your instructor will respond to each of your assignment submissions or exam submissions within 7 days. To further assure this timely communication, you must respond to each of your instructor’s inquiries within 7 days as well.

In an online course, the student must demonstrate regular and substantive interaction with the instructor. Regular and substantive interaction is defined as completing one of the following academically related activities once a week in order to be marked as having attended and actively participating:

  • Watch every class video (either real-time or recorded) at least once
  • Post to the course discussion board substantive comments relevant to the subject
  • Substantive exchanges with the instructor about course content, concepts, and assignments
  • Submit a graded unit assignment or exercise
  • Attempt a pre-final exam or final exam
  • Submit a final project

Logging into a course and clicking on resources will not count as having participated. Reading discussion boards, and reading or viewing course resources, though academically important, are not measured or counted as student attendance.

Online students who do not engage through one of the six activities for seven consecutive (7) calendar days will be withdrawn from Silicon Valley Business Institute.