Mission and Objectives


SVBI is committed to helping students enhance their career and achieve professional goals by educating them in a variety of areas including business knowledge, management techniques, and innovation trends. We offer quality, online courses at an affordable cost to students all around the world.
Our mission is to educate and develop future leaders and technology professionals of enterprises who will go on to create value for their stakeholders and society at large. To help carry out this mission we have developed a curated curriculum that deepens and advances the understanding of management, strategy, and leadership, analytics, software programming, and engineering.
The objectives of our institution are achieved through teaching, collaboration, and hands-on practical training. Our objectives include helping students attain the following: 
  • A deep understanding of the operations of an organization
  • Knowledge and resources to survive in this fast-changing, high-tech society
  • An understanding of cultural diversity and global business environments
  • The ability to utilize the newest technology to solve real-world problems
Upon completion of our program, students will be able to demonstrate in-depth knowledge in their area of concentration and will use this newly acquired knowledge to advance in their professional careers.