Founded in Silicon Valley, the beating heart of technology innovation in the US, Silicon Valley Business Institute is a premier, post-graduate distance learning institution committed to helping working business professionals acquire new knowledge and enhance their career.
SVBI offers an online MBA program, global study trips, and networking events all aimed at helping students to develop and strengthen their business skills through online learning and hands-on experiences.
Because of its prime location, SVBI has a wealth of entrepreneurial resources, and good business relationships with leading tech companies, incubators and business schools within the Silicon Valley area. SVBI students are given the unique opportunity to utilize these resources while participating in exciting educational travel experiences and building powerful connections with like-minded peers.

SVBI provides an advanced program curriculum taught by senior professors from some of the top universities. This, along with our wealth of experience in overseas study programs and unique business resources, allows SVBI graduates to walk away with the global business skills and knowledge needed to take their career to the next level.