Silicon Valley Business Institute (SVBI) is founded in Silicon Valley, the beating heart of disruptive innovation in US. SVBI is committed to an open mind, by knowledge and experience sharing, as well as integrating of eastern and western resources, to promote the development of Chinese enterprises with a global vision and wisdom.

SVBI has a wealth of innovation and entrepreneurship resources, and good relationships of leading companies, incubators and business schools in Silicon Valley. With a wealth of experience in overseas study service, powerful capabilities of resource coordination and integration and product development, SVBI provides Chinese enterprises a global platform which docks the world’s leading companies, businessschools and high-end forums, and helps in learning advanced enterprise management mode and forefront industry information, strengthening international cooperation, and promoting business innovation and revolution.

SVBI provides products and services for entrepreneurs, notably including overseas study and training, business visits to innovative enterprises, venture capital summit, business tourism. The standard learning path involves leadership, 6-Sigma management, innovation and revolution, enterprise branding, talents growing; while the benchmarking industry covers high-tech (such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality / augmented reality), medical, finance and other fields.